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Painting has always been my key to the secret garden, my passion, my looking glass.

The first sensual feeling I ever felt was not from the usual mediums that you might expect, but from applying oil paints to my first canvas. As the sound of the brush stroked slowly against the fabrics of the cloth in the canvas, I knew there and then that this is what I was supposed to be doing with my Life and that I had found my true calling.

All of the pieces of Art displayed before you have been inspired and influenced by my Life and travels through India, and now, my life in London.

I have tried to infuse the Asian styles of the East with the West. It is for this reason that I prefer to use bright vivid colours along with rough rugged textures to emphasise the vibrancy of the East along with the inner city urbanism of the West.

I have had the honour of being mentored by Artist Dhiraj Choudhary for three years in India which greatly influenced and challenged the way that I perceive Art & Life, and the way that they correspond with one another.

Preeti Anand

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Most of my work listed on this site is currently available for sale, and it would be an honour if you contacted me in reference to any of the work listed.

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